Zhejiang ningbo full-color LED display Christ church - the success of the installation LED display - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-27
With the development of The Times, the church not only place for believers gathered to pray, the place of couples choose to get married in the near future, zhejiang ningbo a Christian churches to install a 30 square P4 indoor high-definition full-color LED display, the church is to install a full-color LED display, better able to meet these needs, build a more romantic atmosphere for the wedding, add a grave for religious programming and piety we in zhejiang installed numerous cases of LED display, the project to install P4 models of LED display is also one of main products this year, high definition, high stability, high flatness, the advantages of the high waterproof performance, with the wide use of LED display, high precision, density, high-definition full-color LED display has become a current customer favor of hd products. Full-color LED display screen has been more and more people are now widely used, diversified and innovative LED display will gradually enter the international market, so will be more focused on the research and development and production of LED display, always implement the 'quality first, customer first' the enterprise idea.
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