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AOC AGON AG353UCG is a 35-inch curved gaming monitor with 200Hz refresh and NVIDIA G-Sync Ultimate

by:Brian Fagioli 2126 browse Time required for reading:1min

AOC monitors are some of my favorite, because they provide great quality at an affordable price. If you are a gamer or just need a display for productivity, and you are on a budget, you need to give the company's products a look. Hell, even if you aren't limited by money, you should check these monitors out.

Today, AOC unveils its latest gaming monitor, and holy crap, it looks like a beauty. Called "AGON AG353UCG," this 35-inch gaming display is chock full of features. For instance, it supports VESA DisplayHDR 1000 and NVIDIA G-Sync Ultimate, plus has a refresh rate of 200Hz! The monitor has a very respectable resolution of 3440 x 1440 UWQHD and 2 ms GtG response time. And yes, it has a built-in USB hub and integrated RGB lighting on the back. There is a even a handy hook on the side to hold your gaming headset.

"With red/black accents, the height-adjustable (120mm) V-shaped stand is stylish and compact, yet also sturdy and leaves ample room on the desk. The height of the display panel is similar to 28" 16:9 displays, but it provides more horizontal screen real estate thanks to its 21:9 aspect ratio. Therefore, it is comfortable to use while delivering an unforgettable viewing experience. Its huge 35” screen size is not only highly immersive in games and anamorphic/ultra-wide movies -- it also boosts productivity," says AOC.

The company further says, "The AG353UCG’s VA panel employs Quantum Dot technology, which enables it to offer 90 percent DCI-P3 coverage, a significantly larger color space than the standard sRGB gamut. Its 10-bit panel also produces 1.07 billion colors, which means more subtle color transitions and more accurate colors designed for HDR content. The AG353UCG can accurately display HDR in games, using G-Sync Ultimate with minimal input lag and also HDR in movies/TV shows, supporting VESA DisplayHDR 1000. Its dynamic range spans from 0.05 nits in black levels, to 1000 nits in peak brightness areas. Thanks to its VA panel, the monitor is capable of a 2500:1 static contrast ratio as well, twice as high as common IPS or TN panels. Moreover, its 512 local dimming zones deliver an incredibly wide dynamic range."

So, I have good news and bad news regarding the AOC AGON AG353UCG. The good news is, it will hit stores this month! The bad news? It will apparently only be available in Europe -- initially, at least. Hopefully it comes to the USA very soon. The price is £2159 which roughly translates to $2,777. In other words, while AOC is often known for low prices, this hardcore monitor is a big-time exception -- you must pay a lot for all of these amazing specifications.


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