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Finding the Best IPS Monitor for Gaming


Locating the best computer monitor for gaming can be tricky, since there is a wide array of monitors available with different paneling technology. Considering the most popular panels geared towards gamers have Twisted Nematic (TN) panels although In-Plane Switching (IPS) panels are becoming increasingly popular among all users, it is important to see the difference between them.

Overall, IPS panel technology is the ideal choice. Deciding on what monitor to choose from though can be difficult, and as a gamer you should be equipped with the knowledge to get the right one.

TN Panel Technology

TN panel-equipped monitors are usually the cheapest and most widely available . One of the main reasons that these monitors are bought for almost anything is that they are cheaper than IPS or VA panel monitors and offer decent quality for quick-paced games. The features of the TN panel technology do provide benefits for the gamer. With a response time of the monitor between two ms and five ms, it is easy to see why these monitors are ideal for fast-paced games like first-person shooters. On the other hand, IPS panels are closing the gap quickly and TN panel technology comes with many drawbacks toward the gaming environment as well.

Compared to IPS technology the reproduction of color, viewing angles, and contrast ratios in TN panels are the worst. This is partially due to the fact that TN panels are six bits, not allowing the full array of colors to show. The TN panel does try to copy the eight-bit (or 10-bit) IPS technology by dithering, but the result is disappointing in most cases.

IPS Panel Technology

IPS panel technology is available in different formats, such as S-IPS, H-IPS. These panel technologies offer the same result but have different features when looking at the differences in the actual panels. Older S-IPS panels are some of the most expensive monitors you can find, which is mostly from the fact that there are fewer of these high-end panels made. As they are known to be the best panel technology when image, color, and viewing angles are concerned, the best use is with graphic design and other mission-critical uses. The accurate color reproduction and excellent viewing angles of 178 degrees allows the paneling to suit all applications requiring a clear picture.

The response time for S-IPS panel technology can range between six microseconds to sixteen microseconds, slightly slower than TN panel response times. The slower response times can give fast-paced games a motion blur effect while playing. This is most common in S-IPS panels that have a response time greater than eight microseconds.

H-IPS panels are much like S-IPS panels, except it is a newer version of the IPS technology. While staying true to image quality, accuracy in color, and great viewing angles, the H-IPS has a slightly different pixel structure. The newer pixel structure enhances the contrast ratio, and with the lower pixel pitch, a higher level of picture quality.

Best IPS Gaming Monitors

Which the best computer monitors for gaming are all depends on the individual. The fact that gamers are looking at IPS monitors is a completely new phenomenon, but it is also a natural development as IPS panels are becoming cheaper. There’s no question that an IPS panel with low response time provides a better gaming experience, but they cost a little more. At any rate, when looking at IPS panels for gamers, a few models come to mind.


The Dell Ultra Sharp U2412M monitor is one of the most popular models in the industry, even if it gets beaten by the U2711 and U3011 in terms of size and specifications. The main points, this model’s the brightness is at 300 cd/m2, and a response time of eight microseconds. With the vertical and horizontal viewing angle being at 178 degrees, games will look great from any angle.

The specific features of the Dell Ultra Sharp series may appeal to some individuals more so than others. This monitor is wall mountable and is adjustable for most positions. With four USB ports, there is plenty of room for iPods, webcams, and cameras to use with the monitor. This monitor can be considered lightweight for the most part at 14.2 pounds, and is fourteen inches tall. Some gamers may have small children around or may be a novice to computers in general. With the HDCP support and three-year warranty, the consumer can feel safe with this monitor.

The ASUS ML239H is another monitor choice for gamers. This IPS monitor choice may be the ideal choice for those who like to play fast-paced games. With a five ms response time,no games will not suffer from motion blur during play.


There are features to this monitor that do not appear on others. The adjustability of this monitor is limited to tilting. The monitor uses more Watts during use compared to the Dell monitor above. The weight of the monitor lessens, with it being at 13.5 pounds, and 16.9 inches tall. This monitor specifically does not offer USB ports, but does offer the HDCP Support. There are other connections with this monitor though, which are VGA, and HDMI connections, which help with different processes and programs that the computer can run.


With all the different computer monitors, it is difficult to choose a specific one at times. The difference between TN and IPS panel technologies make all the difference when picking a monitor. When concentrating solely on gaming, TN panels may be chosen for various reasons but the main reason is that they are cheap and simply not as good. IPS monitors though, can offer more to the gamer with the right monitor.

Depending upon the type of game, there are certain monitors are best to have. Fast-paced games require IPS panels that have response times less than 8ms. If the response time is more than 8ms there’s a risk for motion blur in the game. The appearance of the game with IPS monitors is superior to TN paneling, mainly because of the added color seen.

With two of the IPS monitors mentioned above, the one chosen needs to fit the type of games played, the other uses of the computer, and the budget. IPS monitors are slightly more expensive, but with the price paid, much higher quality follows, and also consider that the monitor is the one item that outlasts several of your computers, so this is an essential accessory to choose with careful consideration.

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