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Large-size LED TV can replace traditional splicing display

The recent launch of "Large-size LED TV" caused a sensation in the industry. According to the Liard report, "large-size LED TVs" will be applied to the existing LCD wall and DLP rear projection wall in some applications. Such display products have a certain degree of substitution, and they have great potential in the field of commercial display. However, if the market's recognition of new products is slow, it may lead to the company failing to achieve the expected level of income and adversely affecting the future production and operation and financial status. .

Recently, Liader released the third quarter quarterly report, the report shows that from January to September 2013, the company’s operating income was 440,047,988.08 yuan, an increase of 12.09% over the same period of last year; the comprehensive gross profit rate was 36.04%, an increase of 3.61 percentage points over the same period of last year; Net profit was RMB 43,556,792.95, an increase of 10.51% over the same period of last year.

Among them, LED small-pitch television signed an order of 203 million yuan, and achieved sales revenue of 115,370,278.41 yuan, accounting for 26.22% of product sales, an increase of 33.04% over the same period of last year, gross margin reached 36.37%, becoming the main force for operating income.

During the reporting period, Liader stepped up its promotional efforts in the international market and the company’s visibility in the international market has improved. From January to September, international business orders were 143 million yuan, and the recognized revenue was 104,931,945.87 yuan, an increase of 80.69% over the same period of last year. Liader believes that based on the existing orders, it is expected that the operating income and net profit recognized in the fourth quarter will increase significantly.

For the future market layout, Liad said that the company will continue to focus on six pillar businesses, namely LED full-color display, LED system display and integration, LED small-pitch television, LED lighting, LED creative display and logo, LED advertising media. Business activities to achieve the company's strategic development goals - to become the world's leading provider of LED applications as a whole solution.

For the company's current situation of not entering the mass consumer electronics, Liader admitted that the company's current LED TV new products are limited to 92-inch large-scale television products, suitable

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