'Xin' brand LED display appearance - guangxi state-owned xinguang farm Information technology -

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-26
Guangxi state-owned xinguang farm on October 17, 1989, was registered in state xinguang farm, ( Administrative region number 450722, zip code 535431) At the beginning of its establishment, the company is mainly engaged in fruit, pig, cattle, poultry feed, the registered capital is 18. 43 million yuan RMB. Full color LED display screen is such a powerful product, bring you the grandeur of the horizon, let you feast for the eyes! Using simple iron box, the unit deformation coefficient, good bearing capacity, high machining accuracy, not oxidize caused by the uneven appearance spraying, long service life. All material adopt national/international standard material, the thickness of the copper sheet 1. 5OZ; Driver chip USES the high quality Taiwan accumulate IC, led lamp USES global usage, one of the most: red tube Taiwan wafer, green and blue as the hangzhou silan; After module installation using the installation, maintenance, repair maintenance is very convenient, Modules are a PC material, plastic materials used to make module is not easy to deformation, mask color consistency is good. The pursuit of high brightness and high stability, equipped with high system backup, and loop to display a 'zero error', greatly improving the stability and timeliness. And ensure the LED display surface roughness, make the whole screen vertical and horizontal Angle can reach more than 140 °, the dutiful won the site leadership's consistent high praise.
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