Xiamen indoor 3 d high-definition full-color LED display - the success of the installation LED display - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-26
Recently, install a 3 in xiamen dled display, using AR virtual display technology, as the application of LED display more and more widely, people is also more and more high to its request, also in the areas of 4 k, 3 d for the society in a tapered, provides a more perfect visual experience for everyone we install this time 3 dled display screen with high brightness, color is more bright-coloured, ultra thin and light, more flexible and more efficient, higher contrast, connecting more freedom for consumers, bring a better 3 d viewing experience. Note: this is the site installation and debugging, 3 d content, if there are any ghosting, suspended, for the normal LED display industry technology has been constantly enhanced, so the LED display is also energetically strengthen research and development level, with the development of 3 d technology and small spacing of LED display resolution continuously increase, in the near future 3 dled screen will lead to disruptive display visual effect.
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