To share with you about the LED display display module - knowledge Full color LED screen - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-26
LED display manufacturers to share with you about the LED display display module knowledge: determined by circuit and installation structure and has the display function of the LED display screen, independent units. Simply be for ease of assembly and, according to the factory of the semi-finished products usually in the form of display module, add more display module display driver do together. Indoor screen commonly known as 'unit board'; Outdoor screen commonly known as 'modules', and then several modules with chassis, fans, power supply and so on compose together to become a 'box', more than for large full color. Indoor screen unit board, usually 64 x32 ( 64 32 rows of columns, is made up of 32 module) 64乘16 ( 64 16 rows of columns, is composed of 16 modules) And so on. Outdoor screen module, usually 64 x32, 32 x32, 16 x16, 16 x16, by 8. Large outdoor full color casing is usually used by several modules + chassis + fan + power supply. Color and craft manufacture LED material is different, can generate photons with different energy, it can control the LED by the wavelength of light, namely spectrum or color. In the history of the first LED material is used by arsenic ( As) Gallium ( Ga) Pressure drop, its positive PN junction ( VF, voltage can be understood as a light or work) 1. 424 v, and light for the infrared spectrum. General LED light for a very long life, manufacturers are generally marked for 100000 hours, actually also should pay attention to the LED brightness decay cycle, such as most UR red tube used in automobile tail lights lit a dozen to a few hours later, the brightness is only half of the original. Brightness decay cycle had a lot to do with LED production craft of material, usually under the condition of the economic conditions permit should choose four elements LED brightness attenuation is relatively slow. The above is the content in the relevant knowledge about LED screen display module, interested friends please continue to focus on the LED display screen manufacturer information update.
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