To introduce what is the full color led display pixel rate of out of control - Full color LED screen - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-25
Full color led display price first. Small make up today to introduce what is called rate of pixels is out of control. What is the distinguishing feature of the pixels is out of control rate and what is the solution? Specific answer is as follows: the pixel is out of control rate refers to the minimum imaging display unit ( Pixels) Work is not normal, Out of control) The proportion of. And pixel is out of control has two modes: one is the blind spot, which is a blind spot, in need of bright light, it is not called a blind point; Second is often, when the need is dark and it has been lit, call it often highlight. Generally, pixels have 2 r1g1b ( Two red, one green and one blue light, below the same) , 1 r1g1b, 2 r1g, 3 r6g, etc. , and out of control does not generally is red, green, and blue light in the same pixel all out of control at the same time, but as long as one lamp is out of control, we think this pixel is out of control. For the sake of simplicity, we shall each of the LED display color ( The red, green, blue) Runaway pixel statistics and calculation, respectively, to maximize the as rate of screen pixels is out of control. Control the number of accounts for the ratio of the total number of full screen pixels, we call it 'the whole rate of screen pixels is out of control'. In addition, in order to avoid runaway pixels focused on a particular area, we put forward 'area rate of pixels is out of control', which is 100 x 100 pixel in the area, total number of pixels and region pixels is out of control, That is, 10000) The ratio of the. The indicator on the LED display general specification SJ/T11141 - 'Out of control in 2003 pixels is a discrete distribution' request has carried on the quantitative, convenient and intuitive. Domestic LED display will be aging (before they go out Baking machine) To runaway pixel leds will repair replacement, 'rate of the whole screen pixels is out of control' control within 1/104, 'regional rate of pixels is out of control' are controlled within 3/104 is no problem, and even some individual manufacturer enterprise standards are not allowed to appear before the factory is out of control pixels, but this is bound to increase the manufacturer's maintenance cost and to extend the time of shipment. In different applications, the pixels of rate of actual requirements can have bigger difference, in general, the LED display is used for video playback, control index requirements within 1/104 is acceptable, also can achieve; If used for simple character information release, control index requirements within 12/104 is reasonable. From what has been discussed above, we can know what rate of pixels is out of control, can appear the cause of the problem and the solution. More full-color led display price and product information to the best of full-color led display manufacturer in shenzhen, if necessary, welcome to inquire.
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