To ensure the full color LED display the cleanliness of the steps - Full color LED screen - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-20
Along with the development of the LED display market, most of the full color LED display products are beginning to appear, they are a new product, and color and stability, has brought more consumers use advantage. Is worthy of our attention, however, we want to use them well, and let them for a long time to have a purifying effect, we will be on them in the daily protection. The following manufacturer to tell you how to make sure the cleanliness of full-color LED display: 1, on a regular basis to wipe. We use the full color LED display, whether on that occasion, the kind of environment, all of us to note, that is on them on a regular basis to wipe clear and simple, only in this way, we can guarantee the full color LED display screen is clean, of course, also only in this way, they are after the broadcast information, can let the confidence in the overall bright and clear propaganda to every audience heart. 2. Avoid contact with bad material, such as a hard thing or dust etc. Full-color LED display at the time of use, if it is exposed to the toxic substances, or exposure to some hard material and so on, they are likely to appear the screen cut, or is there some scratches, and so on and so forth, all of these cases, not only affects the display of the LED display screen, for broadcast information, also has a certain interference. So, to protect them, bad material must be far from them. As long as we LE of full-color display regular cleaning, let they can't contact with bad material, we can guarantee the clean of full-color LED display products, in good condition, and effective work.
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