Tiananmen square light screen debug - 360 square meters of LED large screen Full color LED screen - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-23
Last night, standing in tiananmen square, what side of the road LED large screen, after a tense construction, began to adjustment of the bright screen. Last night, Beijing youth daily reporter sees things side of the road in tiananmen square, two pieces of large screen has been set up complete, black screen all modules installed in the prior prefabricated steel structure, constitute a whole piece of large screen. According to the north green news reporter visual, large screen, together with the base about 18 meters high, 26 meters wide, the entire screen is about 360 square meters. After the big screen lights up, two pieces of big screen viewing Angle is large, and brightly colored, can also be broadcast hd signals. Opposite side of the balcony the ceremony guests can see clearly. In addition to the full color LED display, stand on either side of the square pole also revealed himself, north green newspaper reporter discovery, something the balcony seats are divided into different colors. At half past nine at night, big screen for the first time open, ready to debug. The Great Wall of a high-resolution pictures appear in the area of 360 square meters of the big screen, the majestic Great Wall under the blue sky white clouds attracted a lot of people look askance, some tourists are picked up his camera taking pictures. In the side, because of the large image clarity and visual Angle and the distance is still clearly visible. In the process of the whole debugging, commissioning staff to switch the brightness of the picture with constant debugging and rectified. We have learned, at present due to the tiananmen gate has been closed, visitors in and out of the Forbidden City zhongshan park on either side of the need to bypass or labor people's cultural palace, zhongshan park and free passage that working people's cultural palace
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