Three parameters analysis - LED display control software LED display - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-26
Depending on the manufacturer, the LED display will be different, the number of parameters after classification analysis, the basic parameters, auxiliary and core can be divided into three kinds of parameters. First, the basic parameters of the basic parameters is the foundation of the display screen, if the setting is not correct, the communication or not display and display abnormal. Basic parameters including the width height ratio, control card address, baud rate, IP address, port number, MAC address, subnet mask, gateway, refresh rate and displacement of the clock frequency, a total of 10. The second, auxiliary auxiliary parameters is in order to better display and control of parameters, including the name of the control card, communication display tags, brightness and switch screen time, a total of four. Third, the parameters of the core parameters are necessary to display, if the setting is not correct, light does not display, or burn-in. Key parameters including cascade direction, OE polarity, data, display type, color, line scanning way, walk sequence and sequence, a total of eight. For basic and auxiliary parameters configuration, provide input box and select box, the user input and choice, connection screen can be set directly. For the core parameters, can be respectively using professional quick, intelligent configuration, and three methods to complete external file configuration. 1, professional and quick for common and common types of display and its parameters is usually fixed, then can arrange in advance to file or table, select load configuration when debugging. 2 cannot be determined, intelligent configuration for unusual or display, the parameter is unknown, the intelligent configuration, which can be used to determine the configuration parameters, and then save it, for later use. 3, external file configuration will intelligent configuration or other ways to construct the external file to import the configuration. In the core of the three methods of configuration parameters, intelligent configuration is one of the more important configuration method, the main processes and functions are as follows: 1, start, intelligent configuration. 2, through the wizard type, the user and select the human-computer interaction, monitor start intelligent configuration actions, by filling in the initial parameters, determine the OE/data, determine the color polarity polarity, determining the scanning way, determine the sequence, row preface and generate the configuration parameters such as steps, complete the determination of the core parameters. 3, return intelligent configuration parameters. 4, connection screen, set parameters. 5, if correct, then the output parameters. 6, choose an external file, save, download for later use. At this point, the complete screen intelligent configuration. From what has been discussed above, a screen need to properly configured to light up more than 20 parameters, its cumbersome and complex degree. As the LED display manufacturing cost is higher, if the setting is not correct, light does not display, or burned display, causing great economic losses and delays. Therefore, some LED control software for careful, safe, complex design, use inconvenience is also understandable.
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