There are three methods which led display words instead of nanjing

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-20
In the use of nanjing led display, we should first know is led electronic display screen should be what kind of way to change the font so as to realize the purpose of our promotion, nanjing usually led display in the font changes generally include: serial port word word way, U disk change way, mobile phone or remote control to change the word means. 1, serial port to change words often led display, the installation of the nanjing meeting computer to connect with us, after connecting to a new document, when we are in the open display control software, set some parameters, at this time to password Settings, generally in led display of nanjing, the debugging process, mainly includes two aspects of the Settings, one is set up on time, then one is set for the content to be propaganda. 2, U disk, change a word way to connect the led display after the computer, at this time in our control software is a related section, at this point, we can download, download process mainly through some set parameters for us there is the need to control the display card to download and save the process had better make a mark, so that when we are once again open to easy to distinguish. Said 3 to word, mobile phones may have some advance to this way, now is the mobile phone market in the world, some of led display in the aspect of control need to download some software, this time there will be some remote control module in the software, this time, we can carry on the operation by using a mobile phone, thus makes the screen changes the word has become more convenient. Nanjing led display, therefore, if want to change, so might as well can use those methods, can be. How many Qian Yiping led quotation? And model about
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