The use of full color led display in indoor market scenario

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-19
Full-color led display technology is more and more mature, already has a very big market advantage, so the application scenario is becoming more and more rich, gradually into the interior market, such as in the field of video monitoring, meetings, transportation and so on are used, and it is gradually replacing the traditional projection, LCD and so on according to the status of the product. But now the usage scenarios for very much, this kind of display screen in the future to find more indoor usage scenarios, didn't have enough room to grow. 1, full-color led display used in security. For full color led display has a very clear display effect, and have high resolution images, so has its use in many fields, especially in security market, its high refresh rate and low power consumption etc advantages obviously, let the market for its high. Now in the field of security, which requires enough vivid display effect, that is its advantage, and monitoring of signal source, the more high to the requirement of joining together in, will be a lot of use to the full color led display. 2, into the domestic market. Family in general is given priority to with LCD screen, but the future of home users claim to show more, ordinary LCD screen is very difficult to meet the demand of users, and the price is higher. So after full color led display into the domestic market is inevitable, it has price advantage, at the same time area size is bigger. 3, indoor exhibition market. Future marketing will gradually go offline, when the time comes indoor exhibition is a very large area, it is also a full-color led display market segment, it will get here faster development. Led electronic display price is affected by the market tuyere
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