The theory of outdoor key elements of the rotating LED display

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-03-29
Outdoor rotating LED display because of its visual range, can be up to 360 °, and novel structure, low cost, has been rapid development. The screen is by synchronizing control leds position and light condition to realize the graphic display new screens. Outdoor display LED display device only one column, using one column shows and mechanical rotation instead of scan display. Principle of an outdoor LED display is not complicated, and its hardware structure is relatively simple, but in order to keep the rotating outdoor LED display can stable set of images or text, three technical difficulties to overcome: rotation for outdoor LED display, the hardware structure and implementation principle is relatively simple, but to ensure a stable presents the image of text, in the field of technology on the need to do three things: 1. Questions about rotary screen display ghosting on lateral. Because of its use is a single outdoor LED display screen body rotation scanning realize cylinder image display, this makes the pixels displayed in viscous, appeared on the horizontal which will form the imagination of ghosting. Therefore solve the problem about outdoor rotary screen rendering effect. 2. Questions about rotary screen control circuit. In the system of rotary screen, the control circuit as the motor rotor rotation, make sure you are able to give rotating circuit and display screen provides a stable power supply environment. 3. About the problem of insufficient screen brightness. Due to the working principle of spin outdoor LED display screen made compared to the ordinary plane outdoor LED display, show that each column is much less time, solve the problem of screen brightness is very critical. To make the design of rotating outdoor LED display screen has good display effect, needs to solve the three problems in the design. For a rotating outdoor LED display, with fixed on the base of brush and rotating metal guide to the system power supply or metal shaft contact way, it is simple and reliable method. Design of this article is through the brush with a constant voltage, DC 12 v by DC - again The DC conversion into 2 chip. 5 v, 3。 3 v, 5 v voltage to maintain control system work. Solve the rotating screen lateral ghosting, mainly according to the characteristics of the rotating scanning, between two column of pixels to insert a completely black time slot, so that it can eliminate sequence images show two sticky feeling. For solving the problem of insufficient bright display, in the design of this article is not continue to increase the outdoor LED display lamp brightness, USES is with four columns of outdoor LED display lights to take turns to show each rotation every pixel on the screen, such brightness in the case of rotating velocity is constant becomes four times.
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