The structure and composition of full-color LED display - Full color LED screen - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-21
Full color LED display is made up of LED matrix module. Pictures show can synchronize with computer display Chinese characters, English text and graphics; Video playback is controlled by computer, play all kinds of information, illustrated. Can also display the animation, video, TV, VCD, and live. Simply LED display is made up of several composable splicing display unit screen, plus a set of appropriate controller. So a variety of specifications of the display board ( Or unit housing) And control technology of the controller can be composed of many different kinds of LED display, to meet different environment. LED display categories: 1. LED display according to use environment is divided into indoor LED display and LED outdoor screen. 2. LED display according to the display color is divided into single color LED display, double color LED display and full color LED display. 3. LED display can be divided by grayscale and 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, grey level LED display, etc. 4. LED display according to the usage scenario is divided into general LED display and special-shaped LED display. Screen structure: the following is a complex structure of full-color led display example 1. Generally speaking, aluminum alloy (metal frame indoor screen Angle of aluminum or aluminum square tube) Constitute the framework of display board etc, all kinds of circuit board and switch power supply, outside the borders using dark brown aluminum alloy square tube, stainless steel or aluminum alloy package, or sheet metal. Outdoor screen frame according to the screen size and bearing capacity for Angle or i-steel commonly, the casing outside the aluminum-plastic plate can be used for decoration. 2. Display unit board which is the main part of the screen, made of light-emitting materials and drive circuit. Indoor display is a variety of specifications of the unit display board, outdoor display screen is the unit housing. 3. The main controller is the input RGB digital video signal buffer, gray level transformation, reorganize, and produce various kinds of control signals. 4. Use of switching power supply is 220 v alternating current (ac) into various dc to provide all kinds of circuit. 5. Transmission cables master meter display information and various control signals by the twisted-pair cable transmission to display ontology. 6. Scan control panel is the function of the circuit board data buffer, produce all kinds of scanning signals and duty ratio gray control signals. 7. Special display card and multimedia card full-color LED display special display card besides has the basic function of the computer display card, also the output digital RGB signals such as to master meter. Multimedia card in addition to the above function can also be the input analog Video signal into a digital RGB signals ( The video acquisition) 。 8. Other information source and its external devices including computers, DVD, VCD, taken video recorders, etc. The following images for full-color led display to film rendering - Ningbo beilun museum indoor full color led display!
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