The stone forest in yunnan LED display - the success of the installation LED display - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-26
Recently, a gymnasium in yunnan shilin successful light indoor and outdoor P8 connector. check the two LED display, full-color LED display now is finding wider and wider application field, stage, square, airports, hotels, etc. , of course, LED display has become a indispensable configuration stadium and competitions. Hd LED display is best choice sports venues, and stadium installation position must let the audience can watch effectively, has also asked for the team members and the referee is convenient to see, when install the screen, we consider all aspects, finally choose the location, customer satisfaction we installed the screen is also very high, given the best evaluation. With the development of advertising, we are LED display has been improved, as the production of LED display manufacturers, has been trying to produce high quality LED display products, we will take high-quality products and good service to customers return.
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