The stand or fall of LED lamp bead influences the quality of full color LED display screen - LED display - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-19
Full-color LED display about appearance is composed of a number of RGB trichromatic leds, each pixel combination are RGB diode, destroy the light of lights on each group of pixels to display full-color pictures of different colors. Different quality of full-color LED display, you can from the quality of the special full-color LED display, LED lamp bead and parameters such as the following five aspects. 1. Failure rate due to the full color LED display by tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of set of red, green, blue three kinds of LED lights, composed of pixels, any color LED lamp bead failure will affect the display of the overall visual effect. In general, according to industry experience, at the beginning of the LED display assembly to aging failure rate of 72 hours before delivery should be no more than one over ten thousand ( Refers to the LED device itself causes of failure) 。 2. Antistatic ability LED lamp bead is semiconductor devices, is sensitive to electrostatic, easily lead to static electricity failure, so the antistatic ability is very important to the life of the LED display. In general, the LED lamp bead pattern of human body electrostatic voltage test failure should not be less than 2000 v. 3. Attenuation characteristic red, green, and blue LED lamp bead has increased with the increase of working time attenuation features of intensity. Advantages and disadvantages of the LED chip, the stand or fall of auxiliary materials and packaging technology level of high and low attenuation speed determines the LED lamp bead. In general, after 1000 hours, 20 ma lighting test at room temperature, the red LED lights, the attenuation of the bead should be less than 10%, the attenuation of blue, green LED lamp bead should be less than 15%. Red, green, and blue attenuation of the consistency of full-color LED display great influence on the white balance in the future, will affect the display of the LED display fidelity. 4. Brightness LED lamp bead brightness is important determinant of full-color LED display the whole screen brightness. LED lamp bead brightness is higher, the LED lamp bead is good stability. LED lamp bead value has a different point of view, in the case of chip brightness is set, the smaller the Angle, the LED lamp bead, the brighter the but the smaller the Angle of LED display. General should choose - 100 degrees 110 degree LED lamp bead to make sure that LED display enough perspective. Aiming at different spacing and different range of LED display, should be in brightness, Angle and find a balance on the price. 5. Consistency full-color LED display is made up of thousands of red, green, and blue LED lamp bead Mosaic composed of pixels, each color consistency of the brightness of the LED lamp bead, wavelength determines the brightness of the LED display consistency consistency, white balance, color consistency. In general, the manufacturer of LED display device vendor for 5 nm wavelength range and 1:1. 3 scope of the brightness of the LED lamp bead, these indicators can be made of device supplier classification through the testing machine can achieve. The consistency of the voltage generally do not require. As is the Angle of the LED lamp bead, the full color LED display has the same directional Angle, namely in different angles, its luminance will be increasing or decreasing. So, red, green, blue three colors the Angle of the LED lamp bead consistency will seriously affect the consistency of different angles white balance, directly affect the full-color LED display video color fidelity.
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