The stadium LED display classification and installation considerations

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-03-26
Sports venues of facilities in the LED display is necessary, let the audience more intuitive understanding of the game, the score, the process of interpretation and so on. So common stadium LED screen have those? To install, and should pay attention to what? Sports sports LED screen classification: LED screen is generally divided into lattice and timing of two parts, computer network control system used in data processing, control of large screen display content, to provide real-time data network systems, and radio and television system; Special game evaluation system is the foundation of all kinds of sports to obtain basic score data facilities. 1. Full-color LED screen to play the game at the scene of the game, Including other field) Highlights, or slow-motion replay live wonderful close-up, etc. , or in the three dimensional animation way performance events and a particular event. 2. LED fence screen moment can enjoying them. Led the fence panel is composed of many single cabinet, for each box body weight control, through card button fittings connection between cabinet, this design can realize the artificial quickly and easily tear open outfit, easy to maintain. Behind each box has a separate weight from foot to foot, by supporting feet can adjust the screen Angle with the ground, to ensure the visual Angle of viewers. 3. Timing scoring LED screens connected it with timing scoring system of the game, players of the competitions and related information, in the sense that time is more important than the score screen, some field can not video screen, but also can't score is not used for timing of the screen. Timing score screen, the key is the real-time accurate and clear, and on the basis of the vivid and try to be more expressive, Such as animation, etc. ) 。 Scoring screen mainly displayed as text or graphics animation player performance, data, or other information. The color can make the monochrome, multicolor, or full color. LED sports screen design considerations: 1. Security and reliability of stadium crowd density is big, the venues equipment use safety performance should be in the first place. In general, the security performance of the stadium led display shall comply with SJ/T11141 - Five of the 2003 standard. 5 in 4 requirements, reliability to conform to the standard. 10 requirements. Flame retardant performance good material choice, asked to select polymer material ( Including the LED module shell, LED module filled rubber, PCB, power cable sheath, etc. ) , at the same time in the power supply design, stadium led display must separate the power supply and conform to the SJ/T11141 - Five of the 2003 standard. Eight requirements; Cable line construction acceptance to operator GB50168, GB50171 requirements; The quality of the project shall comply with the requirements of GB50303. In addition, sports events led display should have smoke, lightning protection, automatic fire alarm and automatic GuanBing function, power distribution cabinet should have the function of overload protection, leakage protection function and electrical function step by step. 2, installation position and quantity requirements. Sports the installation position of led display need to keep venues, more than 95% of the fixed seat of the audience can effectively to watch, stadia, vision broad. Also require led display display content to match the scene of the athletes, coaches and referees, Diving competition in the field grade except the referee) To be able to easily see clearly. 3. Biggest stadia and character height requirements. Outdoor sports events led display brightness requirements above 5000 CD/m2; Double colors display more than 4000 CD/m2; Monochrome CDS, 2000 square meters of above. Indoor sports venues full-color led display brightness requirements above 1000 CD/m2; Double color led display more than 300 CD/m2; More than 120 CD/m2 monochrome. On character height requirements at the same time, the building structure is independent of the natatorium and diving led display each character at least higher than 0. 2 m, building construction of swimming diving led display each character at least higher than 0. 28m。 4. Optical performance requirements. Sports events led display broad perspective requirements, visual distance far vision, uniform brightness, can be adjusted. In less than 20 lx background illumination, led display contrast should be able to reach 100 e1. White field chromaticity coordinates in color temperature 5000 k - according to use environment Adjustable within 9500 k, according to the CIE1931 chromaticity system, tolerance for delta x ∣ ≦ 0. 030,∣△y∣≦0. 030. 5. Display content can be real-time control. Requires real-time display of rolling timing; It can display scroll the competitions; Page shows the results of the competition; According to the text content can be automatic and manual switch. For a graphic and video display full-color led display, between words and pictures, animation, live images should be automatic, manual switch to each other. In addition it is worth noting: the stadium display system to be able to clear, timely and accurate sports information, through multimedia technology shows that the game live, foil and create an atmosphere of tension, heated competition. Also asked that the system has a simple, accurate and quick, easy to operation of man-machine interface, support a variety of sports project, conform to the requirements of the various rules of sports games, easy to maintain and upgrade.
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