The size of the led display is how to calculate

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-03-26
LED electronic display screen size how to calculate? While this is not a fresh topic, it is an interesting question. Before there are a lot of articles about the LED display screen size calculation, or technology is too strong, can't understand, or to write is not thorough enough, it's hard to be clear at a glance. To this, we today around this problem, in a comprehensible way to share with you. Originally, outdoor LED display is a certain amount of body joints, and the box body is composed of a certain number of module unit board, which means the length/width size of box body, must be unit plate length/width dimension integer times, don't limit in a multiple. Due to the different types of display module size sometimes differ, so determined the LED display model, module size can be fixed, finally is basic assurance measures. P16 outdoor full-color displays, for example, there are two module size: 256 mm * 128 mm and 256 mm * 256 mm; Then, according to the size of module multiples to calculate casing, so the P16 screen box size: 768 * 768, 1024 * 768 * 1024, 768, 512 * 1024 * 1024, 512, etc. In order to facilitate everybody understanding, here, for example: customers in custom P16 outdoor full color LED display, required size of 20 meters, 12 meters wide, long, with a total area of 240 square meters. If chosen size is 768 * 768 the cabinet, can be concluded that: long need case quantity: 20 present 0. 768 = 26. Number of 0412 wide need housing: 12 members present 0. 768 = 15. 625 actual LED display size is: length of 26 case, wide 16 box body. Actual length: 26 x 0. 768 = 19. 968 m actual width: 16 x 0. 768 = 12. 288 meters actual area: 19. 968×12. 288 = 245. 37 square meters through the above data we is not hard to find, actual size, 19. 968 meters wide 12. 288 m) With the customer required size ( 20 meters wide 12 meters long) There is a certain error, the result is reliable. In addition it is important to note that the size of the display cabinet is not easy according to the number of module design, general body basic at 0. 1 ~ 5 square meters. Between 5 square meters, is too big, not easy to install, transport and move, is too small, would increase the cost of manufacturer.
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