The service life of outdoor led screen is influenced by what factors

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-19
The use of the process of outdoor led screen, the service life are users are very concerned about a problem. Can say that the service life of outdoor led display can be influenced by many different factors, the following wei source photoelectric led electronic display manufacturers to detailed introduce for you the service life of outdoor led screen are influenced by what factors. 1, the thermal design of outdoor led screen how well heat dissipation design, for the whole life has a great influence. You can see the led screen in the process of use will be the phenomenon of fever, if heat dissipation is not good causes the internal temperature is too high, so will affect the attenuation speed and stability of its own, so it is important to note that when design make the design of heat dissipation, especially ventilation must be caused take seriously, only in this way can make greatly prolong the service life of the product. How 2, current value, current value for the whole service life of the above is also has a great influence, generally speaking, in the product design must pay attention to the current value with a standard, when tested to prove that under the current value of the standard product of the extension of life is to be able to get bigger, so this aspect also need attention. 3 drive circuit, drive circuit design is also one of the important aspects of design, attention should be paid to ensure consistency of the screen brightness, ready to drive circuit map, this is more good. In addition, you need to pay attention to control the verticality of lamp. The service life of outdoor led screen is affected by these factors above, it is important to note that when using in order to ensure life. Led display factory in anhui analyses how to distinguish led display lights, good or bad!
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