The service life of LED display several matters needing attention

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-03
In theory, the life of the LED lamp bead is 100000 hours, 24 hours a day. Every day all the year round work can have 11 years of life. But the actual situation is not so ideal, according to statistics, now on the market of LED display life is 6 ~ 8 years commonly, can be used to more than 10 years, the LED large screen is very good, especially the outdoor LED display, life is more short. If we pay attention to the details to the LED display, will bring the result that expect is less than our screens. Starting from the procurement of raw materials, to production installation process standardization and normalization, the lifespan of the LED display will have a big impact. From the chip, the lamp bead and driver IC and other electronic components, to the quality of switch power supply, these are the direct factors affecting the service life of LED large screen, and often is ignored by the buyers. We are make the project plan, should be specified with the reliable quality LED lamp bead, word of mouth good switching power supply, and other raw materials for specific brands and models. Good is the foundation of a stable light bead chip, high quality light emitting chip as the core materials should be adopted. Light bead is the most key components of the LED display of very high quality requirements, the lamp bead to the use of stable, must have high reliability and high performance the premise condition of two aspects. High quality lights for every batch products should be high temperature and high humidity, high temperature aging test. Driver IC is the real 'small size bigger role', 'caterpillar' and eliminate the hidden bright, high refresh, grayscale, all need to rely on excellent low gray balance driver IC to solve. High quality driver IC for full-color led display in brightness, gray level and contrast, high density, viewing Angle, stability, color, color saturation, the image edge smooth, smooth video effects, such as the maximum advantage. Power is also very important, because power under the condition of different temperatures, the working stability, output voltage and load capacity will also be different, because it for the logistics function, therefore its ability to directly affect the quality of the screen. In addition, the LED display to normal reception and display is dependent on the LED display controller, divided into two ways, asynchronous and synchronous. Excellent controller can maximize the avoid the loss of signal, to improve the display of consistency, the entire screen without any appear off color color piece, etc. In the process of production of LED display, of course, pay attention to the good anti-static measures, such as wear electrostatic ring, anti-static clothes, choose dust-free workshop and production line, to reduce the failure rate. Before they go out, to guarantee the aging time, as far as possible do the factory 100% pass rate. In the shipping distance of transport, should do well in product packaging, in the outer package is fragile, if it is a shipping, need to do a good job in hydrochloric acid corrosion prevention measures. In addition, the daily maintenance of LED display is also very important to regularly clean screen above the accumulation of dust, so as not to affect the cooling function. In the advertising content, try not to for a long time in full white, green screen, etc. , in order to avoid causing current amplification, cable fever caused by short circuit fault, etc. Play holidays in the evening, screen brightness can be adjusted according to the environmental brightness, such not only can save energy, can also extend the service life of LED display. When we were doing the project planning, you consider much more than that. After purchase the LED display, the most important thing is to 'help' she wore a coat, let big screen switching various content follow one's inclinationsly, and content is in the hands of staff monitoring. You need at this time is to choose a suitable video processor. In an age of LED display high-definition video processor not only carrying the image processing and analysis, codec compression, such as a lot of work, also can embed a large number of intelligence analysis algorithm, analyze the massive hd data, take important role. Video processor also plays an important role in the operation of the LED display. Thus, when choosing a LED display system, want to consider the use of its long-term don't only pay attention to the price factors, but also attach importance to the quality and service life.
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