The rainy season LED display how to waterproof?

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-03-28
After the mid to late may, and to 'plum rains the weather', the phenomenon of yancheng was repeated the storm. We know that the display lamp bead belongs to MSD components ( Moisture sensitive device) , so this humid and rainy weather is a challenge for LED display. So how to deal with the LED display screen moisture into the rainy season and even into the water? Summer in southern climate challenge to LED display device indoor LED display should pay attention to ventilation and dehumidification for indoor display, appropriate ventilation in the first place. Appropriate ventilation are attached to the display screen can help moisture evaporate quickly, reduce the relative humidity of the indoor environment. However, avoid wet weather in some without wind and air ventilation, it can aggravate the indoor humidity; Second, put desiccant indoors, by physical absorption of moisture, reduce the moisture in the air; Wetted or open air conditioning, if installed display space of air conditioning, is can be wetted wet weather open air conditioning. Outdoor LED display is focused on waterproof outdoor LED display itself and the environment is more complicated than the indoor, moistureproof can adopt the method of indoor, outdoor screen but should not only consider the damp problem, but also to waterproof and so on daily maintenance work, especially in the rainy season, so a good seal installation can help reduce the risk of water display screen and regular cleaning screen internal and external dust adhesion, can also help screen better heat dissipation, reduce the adhesion of water vapor. Moisture to enter may cause death of LED display lights so the most important thing is, waterproof outdoor full-color LED display is the most important in the prevention in the process of production and construction. In use process, humidity cause LED display PCB, power supply, power supply cord zero device is easy to oxidation corrosion, and produce fault. So it requires that we make the LED display screen, the PCB good anticorrosive processing, such as anti-corrosion coating paint, etc. , the power and the power cord to choose high quality accessories. Choose waterproof casing, sealing better, screen body must achieve IP65. Spot welding is the most easy to corrode, attention should be paid to do a good job protection, is put forward by the special framework, easy to rust, antirust processing. Secondly, according to different cell plate material, need to use professional waterproof coating, here users P10 full color outdoor LED display, for example. First confirm P10 full-color outdoor unit panel is magnet adsorption or screw ( A screw effect is good, the magnet is a bit poor) ; Second unit plate suites have sink, if there is one that positive waterproof basically is not a big problem, even if the unit board is to use magnets also no problem. Finally, we still need to pay attention to the backplane waterproof outdoor LED display problem, because, in the process of using screen, the back LED display is not only heat treatment, especially in the treatment of waterproof performance, with great convenience. In dealing with a waterproof coating on the back, pay more attention to small strips on the back screen aluminous model board waterproof performance, use electric drill under the aluminum-plastic plate design of the gate, is conducive to display the waterproof, also coming to display, is the most good screen processing mode. And the other part of the need to implement in the concrete construction site; Combining prevention and drainage in the structural design of; In structure is determined, according to the characteristics of the structure, can consider to have a hollow tube structure, compression permanent deformation rate the performance of small and large elongation at failure sealing materials; After sealing strip materials selected, based on the sealing strip material characteristics, design the appropriate contact area and contact stress, the sealing strip extrusion to compact shape. On some installation, the position such as anti tank, do the key protection, to ensure that the screen will not have any water inside. In this way can we ensure that display in the rainy season, when using there won't be any quality problem caused by human factors. LED display high temperature and high humidity areas need to often open the dehumidifier in the end, whether indoor screen or outdoor screen, the most effective way to avoid moisture damage of display function is often used to display the working state of their own will produce some heat, can some water vapor evaporates, thus greatly reduce the possibility of a damp cause a short-circuit. Often use display screen, therefore, is relatively commonly used display humidity influence is much smaller. The personage inside course of study suggested that during rainy season LED display USES at least once a week or more, open a screen at least once a month, lit for more than 2 hours. Installed in addition to the LED display in the rainy season to pay attention to waterproof and moistureproof, project traders and distributors to know more about LED display's handling of the water in the warehouse. The correct way of handling the LED display screen into the water: 1, with the fastest speed with a fan or other tools, the LED display screen of water completely dry. 2, will be completely dry after screen electricity aging, specific steps are as follows: a, the brightness ( All white) Increased to 10%, electricity aging 8 - About 12 hours. B, the brightness ( All white) Increased to 30%, electricity aging for 12 hours. C, the brightness ( All white) 12-60%, electricity aging 24 hours. D, the brightness ( All white) 12-80%, electricity aging 24 hours. E, the brightness ( All white) Increased to 100%, electricity aging 8 - About 12 hours. Complete the steps above, LED display screen will be basically returned to normal; But in the process also need to pay attention to the following: 1, the LED display screen don't have water body in the air box, so it is easy to leds frowsty bad. 2, in the warehouse, the water may have to fill the air box, should to exposure of all air box, prevent moisture to evaporate into the LED display after loading box inside. 3, all water LED display is not handled in time may be more or less affect the stability of the screen, doing emergency treatment process, the screen may occur after the power supply continuous light phenomenon. 4, all water LED display screen in the flight case. More than 72 hours, the screen body basically no value, handled carefully, please.
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