The proper use of step - full color LED display screen Full color LED screen - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-23
Most users of full-color LED display is not very understanding, the correct way of using the resulting in the use of full-color LED display effect and influenced by a certain life, in order to avoid some unnecessary loss, below small make up teach you about the full color LED display the proper use of steps. Full color LED display the proper use of the steps, specific as follows: 【 A 】 Full-color LED display the tail, to ensure that the first boot after the tail. When GuanBing, GuanBing first, after power off. ( If you close the computer's not display screen, can cause the screen body appear high window, burning lamp, serious consequences) 。 【 2 】 Computers in engineering control software, and then opening the electricity. 【 Three 】 To avoid all white screen in a state of the tail, because the display maximum power consumption, the impact of the system current is the largest. 【 4 】 Avoid above is out of control in the state of the tail: did not enter A, computer control software programs. B, the computer without electricity. C, the control part of the power supply is not open. 【 5 】 Ambient temperature too high or the cooling condition is bad, don't long tail, to make the corresponding cooling, cooling treatment. 【 6 】 There was a line of very bright screen, should pay attention to timely GuanBing, shoulds not be long time under the state of the tail. 【 7 】 Often display power supply switch trip, should be timely check screen or replace the power switch. That is about the proper use of full-color LED display step, if you want to learn more about full-color LED display price or information such as production and installation, can call me free consulting company.
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