The people's procuratorate huiyang indoor LED display installation - success Information technology -

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-26
China to the people's procuratorate indoor led display installed successfully, the cooperation is science and technology for China to the people's procuratorate customization of an indoor large screen. To ensure users to maximize investment utilization, in the project, for the LED screen display system, build and follow the overall planning, to demand as the guidance, to promote construction standard and principle, application and give full consideration to the high starting point, high integration, practical combined with advanced, ensure the security of the system, ease of use and forward-looking. Science and technology, said the LED display system, after the completion of building of the whole system can realize the need to display a variety of dynamic network signals, and computer graphics information for screen display and analysis, through the big screen, users can intuitively, complete, accurate, clear, flexible more information from all sides, easy to judge situations timely and processing, achieve real-time hd display purposes. The pursuit of high brightness and high stability, equipped with high system backup, and loop to display a 'zero error', greatly improving the stability and timeliness. And assure indoor LED display surface roughness, make the whole screen vertical and horizontal Angle can reach more than 140 °, the dutiful won the site leadership's consistent high praise.
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