The original glass curtain wall LED display is installed

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-02
Building glass in modern buildings are more and more big, more and more varieties, function is more and more complete. Glass curtain wall are on construction, application type and function can be used as evaluation of modern buildings. The adornment of the glass curtain wall LED display performance, in particular, can say is protean, beautiful! Glass LED display installed in commercial buildings, shopping centers, Banks, commercial street, chain stores, hotels, municipal public buildings, landmarks, such as scenarios, it is a combination of LED display is practical, and has a certain beautiful sex and concealment. Glass curtain wall belongs to high-end building lighting products LED display, in the modern city building lighting engineering plays an irreplaceable role, so how glass curtain wall LED display is installed, you know? Powerful giant colour below small make up to introduce to everybody. A LED display, full implicit box of glass curtain wall installation and fixed method: all the hidden box LED display glass curtain wall installation method is to make the LED display screen glass screen on the aluminum alloy frame, fluctuation corresponding to the aluminum alloy frame space below on the beam, on the opposite side of the glass corresponding aluminum sash around two vertical bar. Second, half hidden box LED display glass curtain wall installation and fixing methods: due to the vertical Ming horizontal en glass curtain wall and vertical horizontal glass curtain wall are called half hidden frame glass curtain wall, so this kind of half hidden frame curtain wall glass, there are two installation ways. Shu Ming cross concealed is embedded in the groove of the fixed glass installation, left and right lateral again with glass adhesive reinforcement; Vertical cross Cain Ming to put the glass on the bar of aluminum alloy curtain wall glass inlay groove, again with linking piece on the outside of the glass, and the aluminum alloy hidden behind the glass stem. Three, Ming frame curtain wall glass installation fixed way: Ming frame curtain wall glass type structure whether it is made of special aluminum frame and glass box or with steel skeleton, the whole curtain wall in the aluminum alloy frame will show on the outside. Four, hanging frame curtain wall glass installation fixed way: this is a column with stainless steel pendant welding installation, is to hang the four claws are connected to the curtain wall glass hole, a hole corresponding to a claw. Also can say into first drill a hole in the corners of the glass, and glass fixed on the stainless steel pendant four PAWS. Five, frameless curtain wall glass installation fixed way: in frameless glass can also be referred to as the structure of glass curtain wall, the curtain wall used in construction of the first floor, and similar building French window, the glass is installed in the form of hoisting, is a kind of using symmetry between hook or special profiles to lift the glass hanging from above. Steps is first of all, the use of special shaped hook is fixed on the channel steel of main frame, and then the channel steel suspension hoisting under the bottom of the beam or plate, to strengthen the stiffness can also be in glass and glass each described. compare framework or rail.
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