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by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-26
Looking forward to, looking forward to, tomb-sweeping day gone, and the footsteps of the May Day is near. In this belong to the day of the working people, all the workers cry: 'we are going to have a holiday, we are going to eat, drink, and be merry, we want to travel. 'Everywhere' life more than in front of you and poetry and distant 'represents the people's voice. Have a heart is not quiet, you have to good holiday where to 'sea'? Don't worry, the May Day as a rush, go out must be strategy, carefully consider the traffic situation, avoid some hot spots, or it can only be in the image below, from everyone from the from. Think about a total of only three days off, so far still don't showing off, so is this three days we will curtilage at home? Be calm, come and look at the May 1st Labour Day holiday with small make up the right way to open! At ordinary times busy job may let us to get along with family and friends and relatives, you can while on holiday about three eat two friends go shopping, watch a favorite movie, wear like clothes, and all night long, long time no see friends hobnobbing, believe all tired with the laughter of friends. Of course there will be some people think people mountain people sea outside than curtilage 'ge you lie' to relax for a few days at home, home is not lazy, but an attitude to life, have so a group of people, they choose to stay at home, do some of your favorite dish, several books I've always wanted to look at but haven't had time to go to the book, the house in tidy up again, to prepare for the next phase of work quietly. While small make up himself, is to choose to learn something more, know more about it before did not know. For example, we promoted the soft module series. As is known to all, LED electronic display screen has been a rapid development and growth of the rise of stage, the LED display market now present a huge change, in addition to the traditional information display and so on, at the request of the shape also further improve, in order to better meet the requirements of beautiful appearance variety and use, and then the LED research and development production of soft module. Soft module, LED display is thin, light weight, small volume, high pixel density, bending surface and low installation cost characteristics can be shown, which can realize all kinds of requirements in the shape of the screen offers a variety of screen size, clarity, and can also be in accordance with the purpose to design value features ( Contrast, color, mixed color, etc. ) The color arrangement. LED soft module different screen junction surface is different from the traditional LED display, the traditional PCB is fiberglass material, and the flexible module is equipped with high strength of the lock and link device, using the flexible insulating base material made of a flexible FPC PCB, adopt rubber masks and pan, high-strength compressive strength and distortion ability, can solve all kinds of 'beating around the bush, coma' perfect installation difficult problem. Small make up the occupational disease has made ha ha, good, popular science to the end. Let us together look forward to next holiday. Of course, you choose how to spend this holiday, in which one way through, but don't forget to keep in good state of mind, life is like a mirror, you smile to him he would smile back to you, don't forget, be happy today! Here small make up I wish you all have a happy and rich in the May Day holiday.
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