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by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-20
LED display because of the particularity of the goods itself, device debugging links can often reflects the quality of goods, also determines the effect of the LED display when use, therefore, shenzhen LED display device debugging is a very important technology, in the shenzhen LED display manufacturer to see more of the five kinds of devices are summarized methods: 1, the embedded device: suitable for smaller indoor screen. Because the device less space, in order to do not take up space, according to the screen area of intrusive dug up on the wall the same range of area, the shenzhen LED display embedded in the wall. Demand for wall for the solid wall. Choose before protection method, the high cost. 2, hanging device: more suitable for the station of shenzhen LED display, LED display at the airport and other places of large signage for effect. Demand screen area is lesser. ( 10 square meters) Demand it is necessary to have appropriate device address, such as beams or columns above, and the screen body normally to add back cover. More than 3, column type device: used for outdoor advertising LED display device, vision, more open place around, such as square, parking lot, etc. Based on screen size range and can be divided into single column and double column type of device. More than 4, wall-mounted device: suitable for indoor LED display device, area is lesser, 10 square meters) Is a solid wall, the wall demand, hollow brick retaining wall are not appropriate or convenient at this device. 5, the roof type device: mainly applied to outdoor advertising LED display, device address mainly the structure of the roof, follow the add to the thought of building height level wind has to follow to add.
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