The main part of LED display system

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-04
LED display system is mainly controlled by the PC software system, wireless transmission system, device, main controller, LED display, dot matrix, such as power supply parts. Now, the information era of rapid development, large screen display has been everywhere in our daily life, small spacing gradually entered the field of indoor display products. The mainstream of future multimedia content will be digital display technology. The concept of LED display control system ( LEDDisplayControlSystem) , also known as LED display controller, LED display control card. It is the core component of LED display, is mainly responsible for receiving from a computer serial port or DVI interface pictures and video display information, placing frame memory, according to the partition method of generating LED display can identify the serial display data and scan sequence control. LED display screen system of LED graphic display system controlled by the software system, wireless transmission system, device, main controller, LED display bitmap, power supply and other parts. The working process of the LED display the overall framework of system software control system is the main task for the extraction of graphic editing, font and save, preview image and file transfer; Wireless transmission system is mainly to complete the file information transmission to the LED display, by a PC hardware control system of LED dot matrix, according to the main task is done by current control information by MCU scanning driving mode control of LED dot matrix ranks drive, realize the device driver and eventually realize the graphic display of the receiving function. 1, the signal source for camera, notebook computers, desktop computers, DVD and other video output device; 2, signal through a video processor, converted into a DVI signal, sent via DVI line connected to the card; 3, control room distance screen under the condition of more than 100 m, using fiber optic switch card, use the optical fiber communication; 4, every display cabinet has one receiving, receiving card use cables to connect the communication between; 5, because the screen is T appearance, transmission system adopts from down to up methods of communication; 6, the display can play a variety of content, can be input source switch; 7, using a video camera can play to display the real-time video signal and can also link digital set-top box, TV content; 8, you can use the playback software, on the computer play the video image information processing good in advance. LED display VS traditional display device compared with the traditional display device, the huge demand for future large screen display technology become the focus of attention: ( 1) Abundant color LED display, display variety ( Graphics, text, three-dimensional, two-dimensional animation, television, etc. ) , high brightness, long life, is an epochal product information transmission facilities. ( 2) LED display is set optoelectronic technology, microelectronics technology, computer technology, information processing technology in the integration of high-tech products, can be used to display text, computer graphics screen synchronization. It with its large screen, super vision, flexible display live alone one advantage, such as display system is widely used in the world; ( 3) LED display applications, financial securities, bank interest rates, commercial advertising, culture, entertainment, etc. , there is a huge social benefit and good economic benefit.
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