The livelihood of the people in Beijing on June 25, the opening of modern art, '- Full color LED screen - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-23
Donated by China minsheng banking sum of the construction of the city art museum, is also by far the largest domestic private gallery. The livelihood of the people of modern art and the 798 art district, just across the street, is located in Beijing hengtong international innovation park, pavilion predecessor is the beginning of reform and opening to the outside Beijing, the first foreign companies - — Beijing panasonic color kinescope factory. The gallery comparison after careful selection of the science and technology as a partner, bought a characteristic of circular p3 full-color led display. The entire gallery by zhu, an internationally renowned architect and designer after three years of reconstruction. A total construction area of about 3. 50000 square meters, is two times of the national art museum of China; Pavilion area and were almost as big national art museum of China. The p3 round led display, also added different color for the gallery, as we have learned than DLP, LCD display products, such as high density small spacing led display main advantage lies in hd display, high refresh rate, seamless splicing, convenient and flexible in assembling and disassembling, good heat dissipation system etc, even in the relatively close distance to watch, its display screen is clear, no flicker and no particles. At present, the main application fields: commercial real estate, the command center, public monitoring command system, radio and television studio center, conference center, advanced hotel and hotel industry specific industry, communications, command and control center or studio. The LED screen refresh rate is high, the color is vivid, image quality is exquisite, low light and high ash and high efficient heat dissipation, fanless design, zero noise, especially suitable for museum, etc. A quiet place to use. 360 - degree circular screen test of not only the excellent product quality, and a series of technical support, such as the installation of steel structure, display patchwork flatness, broadcast system, etc. , but the LED display screen integrated solutions provider - — To the people's livelihood museum presented a perfect answer. Also, in the pavilion other position of LED display in hall with excellent product performance in the service to every visitor.
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