The led system have any request for Internet cable

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-10
In the process of practical production, there are many failures are due to the quality of the cable is not high, so powerful giant colour is strongly recommended that the user should choose high quality cables, cable output quality is not high will cause a lot of faults, such as: 1. Transmission rate decline because of the quality of the twisted pair directly determines the speed of data transmission speed, some cable manufacturer in 5 kinds of UTP cable in the package is 3 or 4 class UTP to used in the line, this kind of counterfeiting method for the average user is very difficult to tell. 2. More susceptible to interference twisted-pair cables inside each thread to not two insulated copper wires, and the aim is to reduce the interference signal, but also for different lines in the same cable and they have different degrees. At the same time, the standard line of twisted-pair cable are carried out in accordance with the counterclockwise twisting around, but some informal manufacturers to produce cable but there are a lot of problems: (1) in order to simplify the manufacturing process of cables, cable there all the lines are winding density is the same. (2) the line current of two insulated wire winding density is the same.
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