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by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-20
Recently many customers asked full-color LED display, why to want to use video processor this problem, a little bit literally video processor's fit and unfit quality directly determines the full color LED display screen of a display effect. Today with the masses of users to understand this question: 1, the motion compensation of slow and fast image motion compensation. Good motion compensation technology can well reduce the full-color LED display movement image edge serrated phenomenon. 2, go to the interlaced scanning video signal for better to reduce the bandwidth, so improve the resolution and interlaced scanning technology must be applied. Full color at this moment need to interlaced scanning signal preprocessing signal. Very good to deal with interlaced scanning technology and eliminate live and tracing lines when shooting effect. 3, scaling full color usually USES a modular design and splicing display, because is one of the most flexible of all flat-panel display medium display products. But there are some disadvantages, this product is flexibility will slow down a little, especially the display resolution of each project application is difficult to find in the standard. So special need video processor for zooming function. 4, reduction generally monitor the engineering application of lattice resolution in 1024 * 768) Under. Need video processor has to reduce the access of each signal corresponding to the resolution of the terminal, for video processing equipment have point pixel zoom function. 5, image magnification because now more and more of the engineering application of advertising where a business by leaps and bounds, full-color LED display is no longer limited within the resolution of the conventional and the resolution of some engineering application even reached the level of 2048 points in these applications, the similar requires video processor to have the image magnification processing technology, and video processor internal processing bandwidth can reach or exceed the typical application of lattice area. 6, noise suppression due to lattice characteristics of full-color LED display, little noise in the other flat display media, LED display will challenge the audience's psychology endure ability. Noise mainly comes from the video signal compression noise and the random noise of system itself, the outstanding video processor can pass noise suppression, the greatest degree of reduce the interference of noise on image quality itself.
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