The LED display visual distance calculation

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-03-27
General specification for led display when buying above will have the best visual range of parameters. Such as powerful giant colour outdoor P10 full-color LED display parameters, the parameters of the best stadia in. So how to calculate the parameters? Below is the detailed solution for you. The calculation method of LED display visual range, minimum viewing distance can show smooth image: LED display visual range (= pixel spacing 毫米) By 1000 the best viewing distance of the viewer can see the clear picture of the highly distance: LED display best stadia = pixel spacing ( 毫米) X 3000 such as powerful giant colour outdoor P10 LED display. Then the best visual range is more than 10 meters, 30 meters, is the most suitable for viewing distance and remind you in LED display screen of choose and buy when, if outdoor LED advertising display area around 30 ㎡, viewing distance of 10 meters, it is recommended to use P10 is best. Area of above 40 ㎡, viewing distance in 20 metres away, can consider to use P16 is best. Indoor display area in 3 - 5 square meters, P4 and P5 full-color LED screen effect is good, under 10 ㎡ suggest adopt the P5, more than 10 square meters viewing distance in 6 metres away, can choose P6 full color displays.
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