The LED display of the four solution used in the conference room

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-19
Congress has been more and more and more critical in the contemporary business negotiation, but the use of LED display, such as job allocation phase encountered various problems presented the new processing ideas. Scene 1: some people to leave illegible handwriting on the white board meeting room, others want to transcription or share will be very difficult right now. A solution, in such case, the interactive interactive whiteboard can capture and store the entire contents of the local connection, can according to your email or USB drive machine equipment real-time Shared resources. Scene 2: because of lack of reasonable organization and coordination, a lot of an elite team often quarrel who should apply meeting room, and was not able to establish what time can be used. Solution 2, can install large digital display at the gate in the conference room, with tonal it is can, who has been applied, and the establishment of the use of time. Company office management central region of the display screen can be as a file directory, convenient worker on the assembly schedule. Scene three: the speaker must turn off all the Windows, projector slides can be clearly visible on the screen, but the room is very dark. Solution 3, selects the basic principle of spontaneous bright LCD tablet or small interval LED TV setting wall, because it has high brightness, therefore can be in bright lighting lamps and lanterns try to carry out normal play in the natural environment, reasonable improved the intimacy of the participants. In addition, because do not like the projection light source must be in ivory walls or reflective surface imaging projection screen, the degree of saturation is also described. Scene 4: along with the popularity of 'office together' the core concept, information content requirements increasingly highlight instant to a Shared resource. Content and traditional conference room to keep information sharing resources is not easy, and to share stored in a smartphone, tablet, etc in the mobile terminal material is not convenient, often must be multifarious wires, let the meeting room looks a mess. Four, according to the integrated wireless solution for screen plan, can save time and effort on the big screen real-time sharing information content, and instant messaging to push on the contents of the screen on the phone's first-class machinery and equipment, a variety of display devices seamlessly. With the technical development, various electronic products are imported into the conference room, but the essence of which should not be offset simplifies the system software, improve the efficiency of the essence, the conference room of machinery and equipment will be conducting services, allowed attendees has multifarious machine equipment operation, just put the energy a lot of in the theme and steps, this meeting is to assess all equipment general specification. Single and double color led display cheaper relative to the color led display? Is it true
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