The LED display market segment - 'money' can period Information technology -

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-26
Diluted in profits, low price competition, product homogeneity, the LED display market also began a series of changes have taken place, the market division of refinement gradually, some enterprises to a more professional, fine products. Not only in the regular of the LED display application market, small spacing LED display products also starts subdivided this a big trend of the application. Visible, LED display the enterprise development the next breakthrough point must be subdivided applications, LED display market segment of 'money'. According to relevant data shows that the current is about more than 80 volume type KTV, vacancy rates are about 20% - its room 25%. On average, each KTV empty for 5 - Ten rooms. Number of vacant rooms can reach more than 500 rooms. The more than 500 rooms are adapted for viewing small theater, from the reform cost, equipment and reconstruction expense each room 20000 yuan, plus the repair, replacement cost such as sofa, there is more than 100 billion market size. LED display suit a point 1, at present, the bar decorate design style has evolved to the fifth generation, the application of sound and light has become the most basic design elements. Application of LED display in the bar, from the initial brief design to the stage of LED display and lighting perfect fit, and various special-shaped screen, has become a niche market can not be ignored. 2, entertainment era, it is well known that the traditional KTV began to introduce the movie playback function, combination of KTV classics system with 3 d movie playback, so the original projection at close range, the display effect can't create a theater to watch effect. Because indoor small spacing and LED display the current mature products, has successfully solved a closer look at the problem, and now has a 3 d display effect of the LED display has appeared, to conform to the shadow K rooms inside the demand of the 3 d movie play, and LED display itself has the advantages of the high resolution, color reduction, as well as its market into the shadow K points. Conclusion: back in 2015, is the China investment circle and BAT to advance in the field of cultural entertainment for a year. Consumption upgrade the consumption habits of the people gradually tilted for cultural entertainment, consumption and consumption amount is becoming more and more younger age and growth of population. In addition, along with the game and animation derived secondary yuan culture rise, production of digital, fragmentation, since the media firestorm of entertainment content, will be gathered a large number of a new generation of young users, new business models and opportunities. LED display the time has come, of the entertainment market prospects and the money 'is very considerable, is worth looking forward to.
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