The LCD module can show that qr code!

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-18
Two dimensional barcode/qr code ( 2 - 维条码) Is to use a particular geometric figure according to certain rules in the plane ( Two-dimensional direction) The distribution of the black and white graphic record data symbol information; On the compiled code clever use of which form the basis of computer internal logic '0', the concept of '1' bit stream, using a number of corresponding to the binary numerical information, geometric shapes to represent text automatically recognized by image input device or photoelectric scanning equipment in order to realize the automatic information processing: some common: it has a barcode for each code system has its particular character set; Each character has a certain width; Have a certain calibration function, etc. At the same time also has the different lines of information automatic recognition and processing graphics rotation change point. Qr code has been used in all walks of life, therefore, our company technical personnel also made a qr code with our small LCD module display images: a: LCD module in the treatment of the anti-jamming problem of protective measures to the next: LCD module of FPC refers to what?
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