The installation of outdoor led to remember these three considerations

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-19
Some machines or equipment installation, late need to pay attention to the use of the problem, because if the installation causes equipment cannot be used, then the installation is wrong, especially for the outdoor equipment, also need to consider the use of safe problems, such as outdoor Led screen, let's introduce to you, about outdoor Led screen at the time of installation, need to pay attention to some things, hope everyone must bear in mind. A, questions about lightning protection device outdoor Led screen is usually installed in a building, now many of the buildings are equipped with lightning protection devices, however, we still have carefully check, if not we need in outdoor Led screen is mounted a lightning protection device. Second, pay attention to the waterproof problem in the installation of outdoor Led screen, must pay attention to the problem of waterproof, we can't control the outdoor environment, will certainly encounter the wind rain, if the screen once appear, the problem of be affected with damp be affected with damp or water, is likely to be short circuit, display failure, serious still can include fires, so at the time of installation, must pay attention to the waterproof problem outdoor Led screen, and drainage water must be timely. Three working, attention to the problem of heat dissipation of outdoor led screen, will produce a certain quantity of heat, this time will take the heat out in a timely manner, not timely heat dissipation, it is possible to cause burning display. So at the time of installation screen, need to install a ventilation equipment, to ensure timely heat dissipation. Hope that everybody must remember these three considerations, otherwise, the outdoor led screen installed incorrectly will lead to later in the use of time, some problems that affect the use of the display screen. How to avoid damage to the Led display for storage
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