The influencing factors of advertising display price has the size and brand

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-19
Advertising display screen on the market price is really good and evil people mixed up is uneven, cheap just a few hundred yuan, the medium of thousands of yuan, of course, some products are tens of thousands of yuan, why prices will have such a big gap, it will have to speak of from the factors of influence prices, then what factors influence advertising display price? 1, brand influence to display prices advertising display first is influenced by brands, this kind of display different brand will design different types according to different needs of customers, now both domestic brands in China, and foreign brands, the price is different, different brand even there is a big difference in price. Type 2, affect the display price mentioned advertising display type, it really is various, families, hospitals and other places is often used to single color led display, large conference site is used in full-color displays, including monochrome prices would be cheaper, full color the price will be much more expensive. 3, size affect the display price advertising screens are under the influence of the different size, the larger screen is mainly used for large events, this type of price will be much more expensive, small specifications of the display screen mainly used in shopping mall, the price will be much cheaper, and the purchase price and the influence of the size is really big. By a on the factors that affect advertising display price is really many, mainly by the brand, type, size and other factors, businesses at the time of purchase should actively considering from these aspects. The LED display of the four solution used in the conference room
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