The history of led display

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-02
LED display is quickly developed in the world in the late 1980 s new information display media. It USES light emitting diode ( 领导) Lattice modules or pixel units composed of display screens, with reliability, long service life, strong environment adaptability, high performance price ratio and low use cost, in as little as one hundred and twenty years, the rapid growth of the mainstream of the flat display products, has been widely used in the field of information display. LED display industry of our country after years of development, the basic form a batch of backbone enterprises of a certain scale. LED display has many social and economic fields, its development has experienced the following three stages: (probably 1) Before 1990 the growth of the LED display formation period. On the one hand, restricted by the LED material device, the application of LED display field was wide open, on the other hand, the LED display technology is basically a communication control mode, objectively affect the display effect. This period of LED display widely used abroad, domestic rarely, product is given priority to with red, green double colors, in the form of LED display control card for communication control, grey scale for single point 4 adjustable grey, the cost of the product is quite high. ( 2) In the ninety s, this phase is a period of rapid development of LED display. Into the ninety s, growth in the global information industry and information technology fields constantly breakthroughs, LED display in LED materials and LED display technology has been the emergence of a new achievements. Blue LED chip developed, full color LED display to enter the market; In the field of electronic computer and microelectronics technology development, appeared in the display control technology video control technology, a gray level to achieve 16 grayscale and gray level 64 grey, the dynamic display of the display effect is greatly improved. This stage, LED display development speed is very fast in our country, from the initial development of several enterprises, annual output value of tens of millions of yuan to dozens of enterprises, the annual output value hundreds of millions of yuan, product applications involving financial securities, sports, airports, railways, railway stations, road traffic, commercial advertising, post and telecommunications, and many other fields, especially in 1993, the development of the securities GuPiaoYe more sparked a surge of LED display market. Mainstream products in the field of LED display in the flat display situation basic formation, LED display industry become the emerging high-tech industry. ( 3) The 21st century, the development of LED display into an overall steadily improve the industrial structure adjustment period. Since 2000, LED large screen industry internal competition, formed the many small and medium-sized enterprises, LED display price dropped sharply, wider application fields, products in such aspects as quality, standardization, appear a series of new problems, the relevant departments attach importance to the development of LED display and appropriate specifications and guidance, this work is gradually deepened. Powerful giant colour is a professional LED manufacturer, welcome you to come to purchase negotiations.
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