The future of the wireless LED display application scope and development trend

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-09
As a new type of high-tech products, the wireless LED display also has a broad market and development prospects, which can be widely used in government, business, transportation, catering, construction, transportation, travel, sports and other industries and departments. Residential LouYuan: install the wireless LED display at the entrance of community, building, courtyard, as a community information bulletin board, convenient property and residents property notice, public information, announcement, weather information, safety knowledge, traffic tips, community information, etc. , help the integration of community information and communication, to purify the community environment, improve the image of the community; Government departments: install the wireless LED display in the government departments to handle affairs hall, as the government affairs board, used to government policy, the announcement of the public, polls, emergency notice, early warning, weather information, the publicity of laws and regulations; Wireless LED display can be a weather, security, traffic, water conservancy, fire fighting, civil affairs, public security, urban management industry sectors such as information release and early warning system of standards. Store supermarket: install the wireless LED display in the shop door head, the supermarket entrance and lobby, shelves, used to guide published tips, supply and demand information, prices, promotions, discounts, new product promotion, business recommendation, customers greetings, and so on, is to guide customers who the window of the media and information dissemination, help to attract consumers, promote the business information transmission; Traffic station: will the wireless LED display is installed in the station waiting room, toll gates, platform for electronic bulletin board, used for public transport information, weather forecasts, all kinds of advertising, instant news, road traffic, ticketing, short notice, etc. Traffic: install the wireless LED display on the bus, city taxi and subway cars and trains, is used to publish city news, weather, road traffic, commercial information, etc. ; Advertising media: the wireless LED display can be embedded into advertising light boxes, outdoor advertising, signs addresses, in the street for instant, advertisement and information can effectively improve the overall effect of advertising, expand the advertising audience rate; Agriculture and rural areas: install the wireless LED display into villages and towns important place, as the rural supply and demand information bar, released for agricultural science and technology, agricultural policy, emergency radio, market information, supply and demand information, weather information, disease control, etc. ; Hotel: choose a rate wireless LED display is installed on the front desk of the column, the place such as the hall, is used to publish information, announcements, notify the house prices, weather forecast, guide consumption, popular language, etc. ; University hospital: wireless E-mail as electronic bulletin boards, for distributing the service guide, charge of the public, prevent remind, meeting notice, academic activities, such as supply and demand information; Wireless LED display screen can also be used for tourist attractions, the group enterprise, the unit interior independent wireless networking, so as to realize multi-stage, across, flat Shared wireless information release system. Henan dragon print media advertising co. , LTD is specialized in the production of LED lighting, LED display scrolling light box, YueBaoLan, waiting area, is the bus stop, road designer, large outdoor billboards and bringing light engineering outdoor media to inform the since its establishment to undertake a number of provincial and municipal key projects and related enterprises and institutions. The traditional led display information input is through direct links to short cable and computer, so for the traditional led display can not meet the need of real-time remote information release, and therefore cannot build large-scale remote networking type led information release system, wireless led publishing system can solve the problem of the traditional led display remote networking. The wireless led information release system based on GSM, Gprs, 3 g, wireless network technology. UoduanxinheTCP/IP protocol, and provide the general rs232 or rs458 or rj45 interface, realize the network control of the led display, either a regular article text. Or the big screen by screen, can through the wireless information control, realize remote real-time updates of the information, no matter where led display, their number, of center control system can accurately and timely release of information to one or more screen, the wireless led information release system greatly enhanced the led display screen as information carrier release information of flexibility and practicability. To expand its application effect. Wireless led display is a kind of brand-new information media, once launched, it is widely accepted by the social media information release characteristics of the flow of information and networking more advertising, become a kind of new advertising media.
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