The four factors of fire prevention materials affect the LED display screen

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-03-25
Today's society, the LED display has become a part of people's life. Display industry continued to grow, but in the rapid development of the industry at the same time, its fire safety application technology has been on the agenda again, domestic several display fire happens is a wake-up call for the LED industry. Display of fire prevention performance is good or bad, the main fire protection materials and the screen box process these two aspects have a great deal of correlation. So strong today color key to analysis influence displays the four factors of fire prevention materials: first, plastic, plastic suite is a suite of factors of display screen is an important part of fire prevention materials, because it is main unit board module mask pan used material, so is used which has the function of flame retardant PC + glass fiber materials. It not only has the function of flame retardant, but also under the high and low temperature, and use for a long time, will not happen deformation and brittle and crack, and so on and so forth. At the same time it use good glue sealing, can effectively stop the internal and external environment of rainwater seeping into to avoid short circuit caused by the fire. Second, wire screen display unit area is larger, the use of electricity also is larger, so the stability of wire electrical requirements are higher. In many wire products, only use to meet the requirements of national standard wire can ensure the safe stability. When the choice must meet these requirements: first, must be for copper wire line core conductive carrier. Second, the wire core area of tolerance within the scope of the standard value. Finally, parcel wire core rubber insulation and flame retardancy to reach standard. Third, the power factor in choosing power supply products, only through the power of the UL product is the best choice. Because of its effective power load conversion can guarantee security and stability, so in the case of the external environment temperature hot, also can work normally. Fourth, the outer protective structure material factors in choosing a display external protective structure material, is particularly important. Because general outdoor display products of aluminous model board fire rating is low, it with high temperature, the rain cold and hot shock aging fast, in the more humid climate season, the rain easily into the screen inside body, easy to cause the electronic components short-circuit and cause fire. So we should choose high fire rating of aluminum-plastic plate on the market, so fire resistance, fire retardant sex is strong, core material special oxygen aging resistance is strong, also can avoid the happening of the fire. Therefore, as a display manufacturing enterprises must be from the product inside the choose and buy of raw materials to ensure the quality of the products, so as to avoid product quality problems such as not pass a fire phenomenon.
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