The first people's hospital of xinjiang kashgar, add outdoor full-color led display power - good doctor-patient relationship development LED display - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-25
In the doctor-patient relationship nervous at present, the xinjiang kashi first people's hospital successfully installed outdoor full-color led display, not only solved the communication problems and promote hospital, effect of strength, multi-purpose one screen at a time to enjoy the highest cost performance. Hd outdoor LED display for advertising display, image brightness, high contrast, colorful, and can be used to display dynamic picture and text, motion picture, a huge visual impact, keep timely information communication for hospitals and patients, alleviate intense sentiment. The screen adopts the 'xin' brand series of outdoor, located at the top of the hospital building, as the symbol of the first people's hospital of kashgar, unique solid design installation, light not only, more to improve the safety of the display screen. This screen adopts xin brand outdoor full-color series, high-definition, high brightness, which can adaptively adjust and brighter as the surrounding environment, energy conservation and environmental protection. After the screen lights up, with a high refresh rate, exquisite and rich color and excellent dynamic effect, get consistent high praise. The brightness of the display screen, gray level automatic adjustment function allows display screen display performance is better, to watch more, display of up to 72 hours continuous working time, expected service life of 50000 hours, enough to meet the specialized USES and boast skillful use of the user. Display screen has very good heat dissipation function, unique cooling device and cooling system, and ensure the safety and integrity of display screen for a long time use.
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