The emergence of LED display brings to the traditional choreography change - how LED display - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-21
The emergence of LED display to the impact of the traditional choreography and change is enormous. Why is that? The following LED display manufacturers at the current situation analysis: it is well known that LED display ( LEDdisplay LED屏幕) Also known as electronic display screen or floating word. Is made up of LED dot matrix and LED PC panel, with red, blue, white, bright green LED lights to display text, images, animation, video, content. Can make different adjustment according to the needs of different occasions, such as general advertising the flow of calligraphy and painting, is through the flash animation a, the savings in the screen in a memory card, then displayed through technical skill, can change at any time according to different needs, each part of the component is a modular structure of the display device. The traditional LED display is usually composed of display module, control system and power system. A performance stage, it has changed the original mural can only fixed frame and the limitations of fixed content. Second, its the color and brightness, change the reliance of the set of lights, make have a sense of 'times'. Television art is actually a plane three-dimensional space in the world of performance art, the stage is to be in the flat TV screen to create a space for the audience to imagine stage. In the studio, if all the modelling is flat, even if the proportion of them according to the perspective tiering, are still hard to bring the audience a stage should have the dimensional feeling and depth, if the set is representational very real images, will kill the audience greatly imagination of content. Third, LED display is a flat shape, clear image and fine equipment! Spring Festival gala in recent years a large number of use mechanical stage, change the installation position of LED display, form all sorts of modelling, from different angles on the LED display screen for Mosaic, to some extent is the correction of the LED display graphic attributes. But this correction only partly change the effect, but in front of the camera, especially large Angle of rocker arm front lens, what stage is a plane, and not like a three-dimensional stage; Overall space image splicing the more perfect, the stronger the sense of plane, if it is not virtual prospects of Chinese knot, can imagine the picture is so flat. All the actors look like in a picture frame, the feeling of the whole picture is more like a picture of activity.
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