The eight categories of special LED display

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-06
LED display is at a high speed development and the rise of growth stage, now the LED display market present a huge change, in addition to the traditional information display and so on, at the request of the shape is also further ascension, to make it a better environment to meet the demand of the whole structure and the use of, the resulting LED abnormity screen. LED abnormity screen is on the basis of the LED display into a special shape of the LED display screen, unlike regular LED display rectangles, the shape of the flat plate, a variety of shapes and its circular arc, surface, square hexahedron, letters and other irregular shapes. Shape to distinguish, special-shaped screen LED to roughly the following categories: a, LED ball screen LED ball screen 360 ° full visual Angle, all-round play video, any Angle can feel good visual effect, no graphic problem. At the same time it also can according to need to turn the spherical objects such as the earth, such as football mapped directly to the screen, let a person feel, are widely used in museum, science museum, the exhibition hall. Second, LED video marks the LED video with different specifications of the special LED module assembled, without being limited by the screen size, can be flexibly assembled into any customer need text, graphics and LOGO etc. , used in the building roof, well-known enterprises, Banks, securities, municipal construction, landmarks, etc. , can promote the commercial value of the enterprise. Three, LED DJ sets this two years, LED the DJ stage become some of the best standard of bars and nightclubs. LED DJ can and DJ collocation gives the most bright eye effect, let the music and visual perfect collocation. Through customized video collocation, DJ and LED weaving machine together, can play independently, can combine domestic play, also can overlay, let the stage more have administrative levels feeling. The four, LED LED rubik's cube rubik's cube, usually by six LED into cube side, can also be shaped stitching for geometric modelling, achieve the minimum gap between surface and surface perfect connection. Can undertake to watch around any Angle, get rid of the traditional flat panel displays the look and feel of the, suitable for installation in a bar, hotel or commercial real estate in the atrium position, to give the audience a brand new visual experience. Five, the circular arc LED display screen display surface as part of the cylindrical surface, its a rectangle. Six, irregular display screen display surface is an irregular plane, such as circle, triangle or irregular plane completely. Seven, the curved surface of the LED display screen shows as a three-dimensional curved surface, such as spherical screen, screen polyhedron and awning. 8, article LED curtain screen display screen display surface consists of several root article showed the mould, and this kind of display point spacing is bigger, appear a higher rate, low contrast. LED display screen, special-shaped broke the big screen splicing system can only be spliced become cold rectangular shape, it can be spliced into all kinds of irregular shape to show some creative content, not only can the first time to attract the audience's attention so as to achieve better propaganda effect, but also better expand the application range of LED display patchwork. LED abnormity screen for research and development ability and production technology demand is higher than conventional LED display, LED display screen pay more attention to the structure of special-shaped breakthrough. Now LED abnormity screen module mainly include fan, arc, circle and cylindrical, triangle, and other forms of structure. Compared with conventional LED display, LED abnormity screen to users with special needs, is mainly used in performing arts venues, outdoor media, the pavilion plaza environment. Vary due to the LED abnormity screen appearance each different, structure, and technical requirements of manufacturers are also more stringent. If the manufacturer's technology does not pass, patchwork of LED screen will by flat-fell seam clearance is too large, joining together the appearance of the surface discontinuity caused by uneven, and many other problems, which affect viewing effect, destroy the aesthetic feeling of the overall design. But more importantly, LED abnormity screen of the circuit and the design of the structure is complex, the manufacturer's research and development ability high demands are put forward. The appearance of abnormity module makes LED screen has the better ability of opposite sex in a long time before, the LED abnormity screen are traditional rectangular plane module assembling or package edge, one of the most common LED abnormity screen is big radian and plane circular arc screen screen. In display radian is small, according to form more complex cases, is not very good solve flat-fell seam and smoothness, brings the problems such as display shows inconsistencies, mosaics, display the overall effect is not good. Aiming at this problem, such as factory research and development of the triangle, trapezoid shaped die set, can you spell synthetic spherical, diamond, precious stones, star and other regular or irregular geometry LED display.
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