The difference between transparent LED display screen with SMD routine

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-01
In recent years, with the continuous development of market economy, the city of skyscrapers, transparent led display glass curtain wall has been widely used in city landscape lighting, beautiful architectural art promotion, etc. Many clients of transparent led display this vocabulary is very strange, so transparent led display and what is the difference between SMD compared to conventional screen? 1, high permeable rate, do not affect indoor daylighting, cool shows that it is well known that SMD conventional display not pervious to light, will affect the building lighting. And hull, transparent screen USES the independent research and development side emitting LED display technology, the light of the look from the front almost invisible to the naked eye, significantly enhance the permeability rate, and support machine etc, the production efficiency is higher. 2, lightweight design, save cost of steel structure of SMD conventional screens 42 kg per square meter, and when the screen area is too large, the screen body steel structure and original structure is a big challenge. Transparent LED screen can be installed in a vertical independent without glass. If installed in the rear glass curtain wall, steel structure installation, can be directly attached curtain wall of its light weight 16 kg / ㎡, the load demand for steel structure is very low. Article 3, strip light structure, can design special SMD conventional displays special-shaped products will be subject to the conditions of the enclosure structure, splicing of deformed a little defect, and sewing. Hull, special-shaped LED transparent screen can be customized stitching perfect abnormity, surface transition natural beauty, product screen can be set up support into cylindrical, ellipse, triangle and arc and other kinds of abnormity. 4, application for outdoor screen, indoor installation, watch the SMD conventional screens installed in indoor, outdoor, block holds off the sunlight and the line of sight. Transparent LED screen for outdoor screen applications, indoor installation, outdoor watch, don't worry about the waterproof and uv protection problems, product performance is very stable. 5, and glass curtain wall and perfect matching, hidden installation, does not affect the building modelling SMD conventional screen when building needs of large-scale steel structure, time-consuming and laborious has certain influence on the building body shape and beautiful. Transparent and LED screen when installed using a small amount of building the perfect combination with wall body, easy to wall without damage, still can improve the overall appearance is beautiful. 6, maintenance is convenient, can support hot plug, article lamp maintenance SMD conventional screen screen body appear problem, mostly for maintenance after processing, the whole module or box or removed for repair. And transparent LED display in the maintenance of only need to change a light bar, easy operation, lower maintenance costs.
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