The difference between LED and OLED display technology

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-07
LED display is set microelectronics technology, computer technology and information processing in one, with its colorful, wide dynamic range, high brightness, long life, stable and reliable work, become the most advantage of the public display media, at present, the LED display has been widely used in large square, commercial advertising, sports venues, information dissemination, news release, securities trading, etc. , can satisfy the needs of different environment. LED display is a semiconductor light emitting diode control through the display mode and display character by candle light out. Used to display text, graphics, images, video, video, animation, market signals such as all kinds of information of the display. OLED display due to have a combination of spontaneous light, do not need to back light, high contrast, thin thickness, wide Angle, fast response speed, can be used in the flexural panel, using temperature range, structure and process is relatively simple, unique features, is considered to be the next generation of emerging application of flat panel display technology. OLED is known as organic light-emitting diodes (leds) or organic light-emitting display. Overall speaking, OLED industrialization have started, including monochrome, multicolor and color components has been achieved mass production level, large size full color device is still in the phase of research and development, but the capacity is still low. OLED is driven by current organic film itself to glow, hair of light can be single color such as red, green, blue, white, also can achieve the result of full color. So OLED is a kind of different from CRT, the new luminescence principle of LED and LCD technology. And LED display is composed of LED dot matrix and LEDPC panel, with red, blue, white, bright green LED lights to display text, images, animation, video and content can change at any time, each part of the component is a modular structure of the display device. The traditional LED display is usually composed of display module, control system and power system. Lattice structure composed of the LED display module, responsible for light-emitting display; Destroy the light of control system by controlling the corresponding area, can make screen display text, pictures, video and other content, monochrome, two-color screen is mainly used to broadcast text, full-color LED display can play not only text, images, animation, and can also play video, and other formats. LED display on the whole, OLED is a completely different imaging techniques.
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