The development of LED display from rise to prosperity

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-03
Before 1990 the growth of the LED display formation period. On the one hand, restricted by the LED material device, the application of LED display field was wide open, on the other hand, display control technology is basically a communication control mode, objectively affect the display effect. This period of LED display widely used abroad, domestic rarely, product is given priority to with red, green double colors, control method for the communication control, grey scale for single point 4 adjustable grey, the cost of the product is quite high. 1990 - In 1995, this stage is a period of rapid development of LED display. Into the ninety s, growth in the global information industry and information technology fields constantly breakthroughs, LED display in LED materials and control technology has been the emergence of new results. Blue LED chip developed, full color LED display to enter the market; In the field of electronic computer and microelectronics technology development, appeared in the display control technology video control technology, a gray level to achieve 16 grayscale and gray level 64 grey, the dynamic display of the display effect is greatly improved. This stage, LED display development speed is very fast in our country, from the initial development of several enterprises, annual output value of tens of millions of yuan to dozens of enterprises, the annual output value hundreds of millions of yuan, product applications involving financial securities, sports, airports, railways, railway stations, road traffic, commercial advertising, post and telecommunications, and many other fields, especially in 1993, the development of the securities GuPiaoYe more sparked a surge of LED display market. Mainstream products in the field of LED display in the flat display situation basic formation, LED display industry become the emerging high-tech industry. Since 1995, the development of LED display screen into an overall steadily improve the industrial structure adjustment period. Formed at the same time, the LED display industry internal competition, many small and medium-sized enterprises, product prices dropped sharply, wider application fields, products in such aspects as quality, standardization, appear a series of new problems, the relevant departments attach importance to the development of LED display and appropriate specifications and guidance, this work is gradually deepened. LED display industry of our country after years of development, the basic form a batch of backbone enterprises of a certain scale. According to incomplete statistics, by the end of 1998, the annual sales in the enterprise has more than 20 of 10 million yuan of above, its sales totaled 600 million yuan, accounting for more than 85% of the total amount of industry market. The country more than 100 various kinds of enterprise engaged in LED display, employees nearly 6000 people, industry total annual sales of nearly 800 million yuan, 1996, 1997, remained at around 40%, the growth rate of the down slightly in 1998. In the domestic market, domestic LED display market share of nearly 100%, basic no market for the same products abroad, 43 the world main tianjin sports center, beijing-kowloon railway, Beijing west railway station, the capital airport, pudong international airport, etc. , are representative of the domestic companies won the bid. Lead the level of technology. LED display application involves many fields of social economy, mainly including: securities trading, financial information display. The field of LED display accounted for more than 50% of the domestic demand of LED display, a few years ago is still the main demand for the LED display industry. The Shanghai stock exchange, shenzhen stock exchange and in the national securities, financial business institutions widely use the LED display. The airport flight dynamic information display. The civil aviation airport construction is very clear to the requirement of information display, LED display is the flight information display system FIDS ( 航班信息显示系统) The first choice of products, the capital airport, Shanghai pudong international airport, haikou meilan airport, zhuhai airport, xiamen gaoqi airport, shenzhen huangtian airport, guangzhou baiyun airport and national dozens of new and renovated airports chose domestic LED display products. Port, station passenger guidance information display. In LED display as the main body of information systems and broadcast system, train departure, ticketing information reveal system system constitute the automation system of passenger transport hub, such as Beijing station and Beijing west railway station, operate, dalian port and other domestic important railway stations and ports are installed the domestic manufacturers to provide products and systems. Sports venue information display. LED display has replaced the traditional light bulb and the CRT display, 43 session of world events in tianjin sports center for the first time, the domestic color video LED display, widely praised, Shanghai sports center, dalian stadium and many other important sports venues that have adopted the domestic LED display as the main means of information display. Road traffic information display. Intelligent transportation system ( 它的) The rise of in the field of urban transportation, highway, etc, LED display as a variable information board, such as speed limit signs, instead of similar foreign products, widely used. Dispatching command center information display. Electric power dispatching, vehicle dynamic tracking, vehicle scheduling management, etc. , are also gradually adopt high-density LED display. Postal services, telecommunications, shopping malls shopping center and other services in the field of business promotion and information display. Services across the country have a domestic LED display in information shows that play a role. Advertising media of new products. In addition to a single large indoor, outdoor display screen as advertising media, domestic LED display advertising appeared in some cities cluster system; Train LED display advertising system have also been adopted on national dozens of passenger train and is promoting.
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