The development direction of led display well-known manufacturers

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-19
Has until the end of the year this year and the year of the display screen industry rapid development, has reached the very hot. Is now under the influence of all aspects of policy and market, for famous led display manufacturer, also to the critical time. Although the industry look very hot, but the competition is very big also, the future development for companies need to make choice, then what are the development direction of this field? 1, the diversified products production and design. Now LED screen technology with rapid upgrade, sprung up many famous LED display manufacturer, the manufacturer of the competition is intense, also let the market segmentation, gradually and niche scale, has a very large commercial space, to attract these manufacturers to enter. So after market segments will be more and more, let the diversified products, such as creative screen, screen, small spacing stage of outdoor screen, screen and so on, each segment of the product can be a major development goal of each big manufacturer. 2, the standardization of product development. There are more and more famous led display manufacturer, but the led products available in the market is a big difference, the product quality the good and bad are intermingled, led to a cluttered market, the user experience degree is very low, is not only a waste of resources, the market also has a great blow on the prospect of market. So the future product standardization production, also is the main development direction of manufacturer. 3, acquisition integration promotion listed power led display now, despite many famous manufacturer, but have not formed an industry standard, mainly the influence of each manufacturer is too small. The factory in the future will the rapid integration of mergers, acquisitions and rapid formation of listed company, to bring enough influence in the field. Why do outdoor advertising display recognised
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