The developing course of ledLED display on either side of a highway - LED display - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-23
Today although LED display with waterproof and dirty environment, can adjust the size according to the actual situation of advantages, but in actual operation, the application of the LED at this stage there are still some restricting factors, it is these reasons to a certain extent hindered the development of LED display on the highway. Improve the heat of the LED is the key to conquer high-power lighting lamps and lanterns. LED working condition and thermal design not only directly related to the LED luminous efficiency actually, also related to the actual service life. As the LED chip light efficiency refers to the chip junction temperature at 25 ℃ is helpful, because of the influence of the heat dissipation design and environmental temperature, in actual use, the node temperature tend to be much higher than 25 ℃, resulting in a decline in photosynthetic efficiency significantly. To junction temperature 25 ℃ 100 lm/W chips, for example, when in actual use may be only 60 ~ 70 lm/W. Because the price is still in the high level of the LED chip, LED street light price compared with the traditional lamps and lanterns is still high the price is still in the low level of the LED light source. But the LED is a semiconductor components, with the rapid development of electronic technology, technology is more and more advanced, the price will be more and more low. As a new light source, LED display is in rapid development phase, the high power white LED lights has reached 150 lm/W, through the study of the luminescence mechanism, calculated the LED the theory of photosynthetic efficiency can reach 350 lm/W, has the very big development space and potential. There is no unified technical standards of the state of the LED light source production, each manufacturer according to the standard production of their own products, each other is very difficult to gm. LED unit board light bead structure design are based on the integration of design, namely the related devices cannot field replacement, whether the LED unit board damage or power failure, there is a problem must be demolished the whole lamp replacement, ordinary maintenance workers cannot repair. LED products upgrade quickly, interface and no national standard constraints, with the renewal of the chip, factory is very difficult to guarantee also after several years in the production of existing products. When the spare parts including the maintenance of the product is become a pressing problem, operation maintenance department a way a display of embarrassment phenomenon will emerge. , chairman of the China association of lighting and lighting management office of shenzhen, said highway LED display can pilot application, but it is not suitable for large area promotion. Technology, cost and safety aspects of light pollution and so on are the bottleneck of promotion
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