The choose and buy of outdoor full color Led method to achieve the best effect

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-18
As the industry's competitiveness continuously intensified, led outdoor full color has become the main industry, therefore, is now a lot of places installed, however, so many models and brands on the market, in the choose and buy when, should pay attention to what issues? Our source photoelectric below small make up to introduce to you. One, the definition for led outdoor full color clarity, it is not only related to itself of the pixel, and we also look at the specific installation location, as well as the customer's observation position, to ensure that customers at a the best viewing distance, through the above two factors, we can determine the size and area. Second, the brightness of Led outdoor full color is a very important factor, it is not only associated with the color of the image display, also related to the sharpness of the image, we usually in the choose and buy when, can see the brightness of the more than 2500 CD/m squared. Raw materials used in the third, want to buy good quality Led outdoor full color, it is necessary to ensure that the raw material is good, especially for the use of lamp bead, must be the famous brand, otherwise it will affect the overall effect. Four, perfecting the system for each business to publicity photos or video is different, so we must ensure that for each of the dealer information can be normal play, sometimes we also need to play some activity or performance content, so this needs our system must have the perfect functions. Above, is to introduce you about led outdoor full color in the choose and buy when, need to pay attention to some things, everybody in the choose and buy when, want to keep in mind that these matters, can choose the most suitable for their own use. Why the LED monochrome screen will be sales champion?
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