The characteristics of the wireless LED display and control way LED display - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-25
The traditional LED display information input can only be directly connected to the computer through the data line, so for the traditional LED display and can't meet the needs of real-time remote information release, and therefore cannot solve the LED display of large scale network information release. The wireless LED display technology based on WEB information service through the built-in high-performance GSM, GPRS, CDMA, 3 g, such as the data transmission module, using GSM/GPRS/CDMA mobile communications network, through the control center of LED display of the remote, real-time control and management. Is not subject to regional, distance, the constraints of wiring, fast and accurate information transmission, makes the application of LED display screen into a wide area. The characteristics of the wireless LED display, real-time release information: wireless LED display can receive information center issued by the ministry of information. Second, without being limited by the distance: wireless LED display can be used across the country, as long as there is you can use the wireless network signal coverage, not restricted by distance and location. Three, a variety of ways to disseminate information: depending on the selected communication network, can choose different way to send information to update the wireless LED screen information, and can be mass, group, single point send information. Sent via Internet related websites, such as: computer, computer through a dedicated information delivery module to send, ordinary mobile phone to send, etc. Four, abundant information display mode: each information can customize it display mode and the residence time, can be arbitrary format, according to a very flexible. Five, the multiple information encryption methods: according to user needs, such as setting information is sent to join the identification number and the check code, or only receive special number. Ensure information security. Six, support a variety of special features of the wireless LED display control method, RF wireless control principle: the RF module end receives control computer, on the other side received serial port control card, computer after install driver, to create a virtual serial port, and through the serial port to send data. Features: easy installation and debugging, data transmission distance is 300 - Late 1000 meters, use need not cost. Second, the WIFI control working principle: by adding wireless router or other wireless devices, and original bridge wireless network, users build a wireless local area network (LAN), convenient control the network card into the wireless network, wireless network control. Features: no wiring, easy installation and debugging, data transmission speed. Three, GPRS wireless control works: GPRS module to add electricity after completed the course of dial-up Internet access, connect to the data center server, client access server through client software, by the server to forward information. Features: easy installation and debugging, no distance limit, as long as there is where the signal, can receive information, and the price is cheaper, generally within the range of 200 ~ 400 yuan. Four, 3 g ( WCDMA) Wireless control works: 3 g module is through the wireless network connection to the data center server, client landing directly release programs broadcast cloud platform in the world, sent to the control card directly by the server. Features: WCDMA signal stability, basic will not appear in the process of program to send data loss, relative to GPRS rate faster, can send pictures or video, suit to full color. Five, the 4 g the netcom wireless control works: with 3 g/GPRS are basically the same. Features: 4 g netcom ( China mobile, China unicom, China telecom full range of support) , fast transfer rate, fully realized real-time control, sending instruction can instantaneous response control.
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